• Eric Johnson

RIP Medicare.gov

In 2019 Medicare.gov claimed that it would be optimizing it's site in order to create a more "user friendly experience" for individuals shopping for Medicare Insurance Plans.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the site is basically useless now!

Medicare.gov used to be a tool you could use to compare any medicare advantage or Part D plan with ease. Just type in your medicare number, your D.O.B., zip code and you were off to the races. You could see the Medicare plan you were currently enrolled in and if you were receiving any benefits from state sponsored programs (Like extra help or Medicaid). You could enter in your medication which would be stored for later use for to compare drug prices against all competitors.


no longer store your medication with ease

no longer pull up your current insurance info

no longer see if Part C plans offer a "Part B buy down"

no longer compares estimated health care costs

In short, the changes that made have created a more difficult experience when comparing plans. If you were using a broker/agent they would be able to compare plans with ease. Please go back to the old format!

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