• Eric Johnson

I'm Finally 65 Yay Medicare

Every time a person turns 65 an angel gets it's wings... or an agent get it's wings or uhm no not wings, commission that's the one.

If you are turning 65 this year you probably have already been spammed by all kinds of insurance companies, agencies, brokers trying to get your business. At this point you just want to say to hell with the entire medicare thing because it's annoying. I don't blame you!

I meet with seniors everyday and I see the amount of spam mail they receive from multiple companies especially during Open enrollment. It's overwhelming trying to pick from the stack of envelopes and mailers which plan you should go with.

Luckily there are a few reliable sources for not getting ripped off by someone who's just trying to earn a buck and has your best interest in mind!


you can use their plan finder and enter all of your prescription drug information to find the best deals on medicare part C and D plans

Office of the Aging:

most cities have an authority like this that will give you unbiased insurance advice

Social Security Office:

maybe you would feel more comfortable using a government office to help point you in the right direction

Local Brokerage:

most brokerages have unbiased insurance agents who are licensed and can help you understand medicare better as well as help you pick the best plan.

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